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Gill, norway

The property at Gill in Norway was acquired in 2016. It has previously been used for cowfarming, and further back in time for pig farming. It is beautifully situated by the lake “Gillsvannet” with the forest as a backdrop. It is a popular recreational area for the locals, as there are many trails in the forest, and the lake is wonderful for swimming in the summer. It’s only a 12 minute drive to the city center of Kristiansand, 14 minutes to the ferry  for Denmark, and 25 minutes to the local airport.

New equestrian facilities
The new equestrian facilities were ready for move in, in January 2019. It includes a 20 x 46 heated indoor arena with lake view, heated tack up area with washbox and solariums, large tackroom and casino, 3 stables with 24 horse boxes and numerous outdoor sheds for weather protection. There is of course also an outdoor arena, 20 x 60 meters. Both the indoor and outdoor arenas have the modern Ebbe-flod system, rubber mats and Geopad topping

There are beautiful trails in the “backyard” forest.

Where it all started – Kleppenhus, Denmark

The property Kleppenhus is situated by lake ”Subbe Sø” in the national park ”Mols Bjerge, in Ebeltoft Denmark. It is a 45 minute drive by car to Aarhus which is Denmarks second largest city, and a mere 10 minute drive from Aarhus airport. The charming city centre of Ebeltoft is about 10 minutes away by car. Ebeltoft is a very popular tourist attraction, especially in the summer with its beautiful old buildings, natural surroudings and endless sandy beaches.

In 1997 the 70 acre property that at that time was used for fish farming, came up for sale. Cathrine Rasmussen who already knew the area very well after years of training her horses at the neighbours, Hasse Hoffmanns yard, deceided to buy the farm. Step by step the farm was converted into an equestrian facility. The fish ponds were shoveled flat, old buildings were removed and new buildings were raised. An extensive garden was made. Trees were planted,the river ”Øksenmølle Å” got a new path through the garden, and more than thousand Rhodondhendron bushes were planted.

Today Kleppenhus can house 26 horses in spacious boxes, all with openable half-doors or windows. There is an isolated indoor arena, 20 x 60 meters, a horsewalker, a fitness room with cold water spa, and water treadmill, casino overlooking the indoor, a 20 x 60 outdoor arena and two canter tracks. There are two family houses, and three grooms apartments at the property.

And how did the name”Kleppenhus”come around? Well, on old maps of the area, one can see that the little hill on which the main house is build is called ”Kleppen”. One day when a guest of the house was viewing this map, he said ”This place you should call ”Kleppenhus”, and so we did!

The Kleppenhus estate was sold in October 2023.